Animal Control


Purchase your Pet Licenses from the Animal Control Officer.  They are good for one year ending on June 30th of each year.  Call 660-679-6131 to schedule a time.

00.jpgAnimal Control officer enforces city animal ordinances pertaining to pet ownership, respond on animal complaints, investigate animal bites and take lost pet reports from residents.

Animal-Inflicted Injuries should be reported immediately.

If possible, confine the animal first and then call the Police Department.

Info you will need to give dispatch: Address and location of where the animal can be found.
Describe the breed, size, color, and any distinct markings on the animal.
 Where it may live and if it's wearing a collar or tag.

The Animal Control Officer will be dispatched to your location to complete an animal bite report.

Animal Welfare - Report Abuse if you believe an animal is being:


You will need to provide:

The correct address
The description of the animal(s)

The details of the complaint

Pet owners in City limits are required to keep their pet(s) in a fence or on a leash at all times.