How Do I Pay a Ticket / Fine?

Payment Methods:

1. Mail money order or cashier's check (no personal checks) payable to:

PO BOX 420
BUTLER, MO  64730

Make sure your name is legible and your case number is available for reference.

2. Telephone payments: call 660-679-6465 to pay with Debit/Credit card.  The credit card company does charge a fee of 4% or if the payment is $50.00 or less a $2.00 charge will be added.

3. Pay Butler Municipal court fees online!
Go to: or Missouri Casenet

  • Use a credit card or electronic check (each of these payments have a fee that is applied at the time of making the payment). 
  • Make a payment on an outstanding court balance. 

Notice of Collection of Delinquent Court Costs, Fines and Fees:

Failure to pay court ordered costs, fines, and fees in full by the specified due date may result in any and/or all of the following sanctions being taken against you without further notice.

Debt Collection Program

Pursuant to Section 488.5030 RSMo, this court has contracted with MSB (Municipal Services Bureau), a private collection agency, to collect past-due court-ordered penalties, fines, restitution, sanctions, court costs, including restitution and juvenile monetary assessments, or judgements due to the court.

When a defendant fails to pay court ordered court cost fines and fees within sixty (60) days of the date of the order, a equaling fourteen point nine percent (14.9%) of the amount due to the court will be added to the balance due on the case and the case is automatically referred for collection services. (The additional fourteen point nine percent (14.9%) covers the cost of collection and shall be retained by MSB from the funds received, prorated to the amount collected.  The remaining portion will be forwarded to the court and credited toward the balance due.)  The case will remain subject to collection until it is paid in full. 

Missouri Tax Intercept Program

Pursuant to Section 488.5028 RSMo, this court will offset a defendant's Missouri Tax Refund when he or she fails to pay court ordered court costs, fines and fees within thirty (30) days of the date of the order.  Any Missouri Tax Refund to which the defendant is entitled will be intercepted to satisfy the past due debt due to the court.