Fine Schedule

SpeedingRegular Fine & Cost
1-5 miles over$85
6-10 miles over$95
11-15 miles over$105
16-19 miles over$135
20-25 miles over$190

Moving Violations
Careless & Imprudent (no accident)$95
Fail to yield right of way (no accident)$95
Fail to stop for stop sign or signal (no accident)$95
Fail to use turn signal$95
Improper lane change$95
Fail to produce drivers license upon demand$85
Expired or No Valid Drivers License (with fingerprints)$85
No Motorcycle Endorsement$85

Non-Moving Violations
Expired Tags / No License Plate / Display Plates of Another$85
Defective Equipment$85
Excessive Tint$85
Brake Lights or Tail Lights Not Working$85
No Motorcycle Helmet$25
Seat Belt$10
Parking Violation$85
Parking in a Handicapped Zone$85
No Headlights when required during periods of fog/weather conditions$10

Failure to Register Cat/Dog$85
Animal at Large (non vicious)$85