& Softball

The baseball and softball complex is located on the Butler Fair Grounds. There are two baseball diamonds, a softball diamond and a little league baseball diamond.

Baseball Diamond
Baseball Diamond at the Fair Grounds.


The Boy Scout park is located at the Boy Scout Hall, 404 West Fort Scott, Butler, MO 64730. It has a basketball court, jungle gyms and an outdoor shelter area.
Scout Park
Boy Scout park by the Boy Scout Hall.


Douglas Park is located at 502 Allen Street, Butler, MO 64730. It has basketball court, swing sets, tire swing, volleyball net and a covered shelter.
Douglas Park
Douglas park in Butler.


Jaycee park is located at 706 S. Parkview Street, Butler, MO 64730. It has a covered shelter area with four picnic tables, four tennis courts, swing sets, skate park, basketball court and sand volleyball.
Jaycee Park
Sand volleyball court at Jaycee Park.


North park is located off Mill street in Butler. It has a small baseball diamond, swing sets and a basketball court.
North Park
North Park

 Osage Ball

Osage ball field is located just north of Osage Valley Electric in Butler, MO. It is a baseball diamond used for special events.
Osage Field
Osage Field in Butler.


The Pioneer sports park is located south of the Aquatic center. It has soccer fields, a little league football field and a trail of memories to walk.
Trail of Memories
Trail of memories at Pioneer Sports park.


South park is located in between Parkview street and High street, just north of the Aquatic Center. It has the Thorco shelter, quad shelter and seven other covered shelters with picnic tables and grills. It has several jungle gyms, slides, and swing sets.
South Park
One of the jungle gyms at South park.


Tingler park is located at 1101 West Mill Street, Butler, MO 64730. It has a jungle gym and a covered shelter with two picnic tables.
Tingler Park
The jungle gym at Tingler park.