Request for Bids

Request for Proposal: The City of Butler, Missouri, is requesting proposals related to the acquisition of prime real estate located at 1 East Dakota Street in Butler, Missouri.  Please see the attached document: Request for Proposal for more information.

Request for Proposal:
The City of Butler, Missouri is seeking consulting services to prepare a comprehensive plan. The last comprehensive plan was developed in 1982 and has not been updated. The new updated plan will provide a vision, goals, objectives, and policies to guide the city's development and redevelopment for the next 20 years. Please see the link for more information. Request for Proposal

Request for Bid:
The City of Butler (hereafter referred to as City) is seeking bids for janitorial services for the City Hall located at 22 W. Ohio. The janitorial services company or individual desired, (hereafter referred to as Company) is one which is professional and has experience with janitorial services. The City reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive any irregularities. Request for Bid