Electric Department

Public Works Department Building and SignThe electric department duties include:

  • Travel assigned routes and takes reading of meter dials
  • Inspects meters and connections for defects, damage and unauthorized connection or use
  • Determines abnormal consumption patterns and analyze possible causes for fluctuation or consumption
  • Maintains assigned tools and equipment
  • Performs skilled work in the reconstructing, maintaining and repairing electrical systems and equipment, including substation, distribution systems, transformers and power lines
  • Performs skilled work in placing and removing cross arms, stringing wires, tapping wires, repairing cross arms and wires, placing and replacing insulators and setting transformers
  • Digs holes, frames poles, sets poles, strings wire, hands transformers, sags up wire, energizes power lines.
  • Digs trenches and lays conduit and vaults
  • Installs and maintains underground or overhead wiring systems as required
  • Provides temporary power connection for contractors
  • Trims trees and branches
  • Maintains safety practices and procedures
  • Keeps inventory, time and material records, as assigned; stocks service vehicles as required.
  • Replaces and maintains equipment on poles
  • Replaces fuses and clears short circuits in lines
  • Connects and disconnects services for customers who are moving or for non-payment of bills