Street Department

Public Works Street Department The street maintenance shop maintains a variety of records relating to inspections, maintenance activity, street signage, etc. In this department they:

  • Determine the locations of gas, telephone, power, television, water and sewer lines from the appropriate sources prior to excavation
  • Insure the proper maintenance of equipment and tools by cleaning and checking equipment and tools after use
  • Drive trucks of various sizes and weights in the loading, hauling and unloading of various equipment, gravel and sand
  • Perform all duties in conformance to appropriate safety and security standards
  • Perform required labor involved in construction and maintenance projects as part of a crew, including pavement cutting, ditch digging, manhole and catch basin cleaning, main and pipe repair, laying and back filling
  • Cut, fit, lay, repair, tap, clean and flush storm drainage mains, gates and fittings on repair of services